Traditional festivals

In Tazacorte, or ‘little Paris’, as the village was affectionately known, the people celebrate their festivals with great joy .The people of Tazacorte are known to be liberal and progressive, tolerant, music lovers and with a creative spirit.
Among the most relevant celebrations are the 16th of July, the day on which the sailors take the Virgin del Carmen in procession out at sea, and the 29th of September, the main celebration of the town, organized in honour of San Miguel, patron saint of Tazacorte and of the island. With true expectation people await the dance of the ‘Caballos Fufos’, their reed bodies lined with colourful tissue paper trotting through the streets to the rhythm of music, while the horsemen try to dominate their animals as they rattle and neigh into the crowds.
From the second half of September the celebrations in honour of St. Michael the Archangel begin, hosting the following festivities:

  • Carriage parade
  • Offering to St. Michael
  • Pilgrimage and ‘Verbena’ festival
  • ‘Fufos’ horses dancing to the rhythm of “Vuela Vuela Palomita”
  • On September 29 the celebrations in honour of San Miguel end with a fireworks show.

Caballos Fufos

Carrosas artísticas San Miguel

Celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Carmen

The day of the virgin of El Carmen is celebrated with a mass, a boat procession and fireworks. In addition, a traditional horse race is carried out on the beach of Port of Tazacorte.

The festivity of the Holy Martyrs of Tazacorte

It is celebrated with a mass and procession on July 15

The festivity of “La Morena”

It is celebrated on August 15 in the beach of Tazacorte’s Port. Holiday in honor to the wives of the fishermen.

The festivity of “San Juan”

It is celebrated the night of June 23 in the beach of Tazacorte’s port. Traditional bonfire and dance of the witches.

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