Squares and churches

Church of ‘San Miguel Archangel’

Built in 1492 during the conquest of the island, being the first chapel on the island, and reformed in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It holds the relics of the martyrs of Tazacorte.

Avenida de la Constitución

Located in the centre of Tazacorte, the traditional meeting place of the villagers. Underneath this square you can find the municipal library.

Plaza de España

Characterized by the church of Saint Michael the Archangel, next to the rectangular pergola built in the early thirties, covered with Bougainvillea and beautiful Andalusian-style tiles.

Plaza de Simón Guadalupe

Popularly known as La Vica square and the traditional meeting place of the elderly.It contains a bust in memory of Doctor Morales Perez as well as the Museum House of Doctor Morales.

Plaza San Miguel

Popularly known as El Morro square, located opposite the city council and one of the oldest squares in town.

Plaza Gómez Felipe

(Plaza del Ranchito)

Located on Díaz nPimienta street, with an attractive fountain of lizards, made by artists A. Keller and T. Müller.

Plaza Doctor Morales

(Plaza de La Esquina)

Characterized by its blue mosaics representing the sea, and the fountain of Neptune,a work of artists A. Keller and T. Müller. Located on Doctor Morales Perez street.

Plaza Castilla

Popularly known as Octopus square, located in the old part of Puerto de Tazacorte, with several restaurants where you can eat the fresh fish of the area.

Plaza de Canarias

Located in The Port Tazacorte, next to the Church of Carmen.

Plaza de Marina

Located in the district of Marina

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