The gastronomy of Tazacorte consists of several types of local dishes like the fresh fish of the area, grilled, fried or roasted, the typical cooked green bananas called ‘Polines’, the well-known ‘papas arrugadas’ or ‘wrinkled’ potatoes, Chicharrones, Escacho, cheese ‘Mojo’,‘Sopa de miel’ and the stuffed Chayotes. Tazcorte is also famous for its coffee liqueur and Mistela, the home-made ice cream of fruits and mojos, all of them products that reflect the “bagañeta” (nickname of the inhabitants of Tazacorte) identity.

The most outstanding dishes, desserts and spirits are the following:

  • Polines: stewed green bananas,ideal to accompany salted fish, mojo verde or mojo cheese.
    Mojo queso: green mojo mixed with goat cheese
  • Papasarrugadas: potatoes boiled in salt water until their skin `wrinkles’…
  • Escacho:‘gofio’ ball mixed with onion, pepper, grated cheese, stewedpotatoes and mojo
  • Chayotasrellenas: Stuffed chayotes
  • Chicharrones: “meat and gofio” fried pork fritters with gofio
  • Pescado fresco: fresh fish of the day, for example the ‘Vieja’ or ‘Cabrilla’, grilled, roasted or fried
  • Sopa de miel: bread slices with sugar cane honey and almonds
  • Licor de café: brandy made from sugar cane, sugar, ground coffee and water.
  • Mistela: Liqueur made from orange peel, lemon, sugar, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg and lemon grass.

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